Superconducting qubits and ionizing radiation: open challenges and future opportunities

by Dr Elia Bertoldo (Institut de Física d'Altes Energies (IFAE), Facultat de Ciències, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

A.1.01/03 - Alps (New)

A.1.01/03 - Alps


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Superconducting qubits are currently one of the main approaches adopted in the quest of building quantum computers. Recent evidence has highlighted how this technology is negatively impacted by ionizing radiation, which constrains the coherence time of single qubits and challenges the implementation of quantum error correction in quantum processors. As a silver lining, the interplay between ionizing radiation and superconducting qubits could also be leveraged by designing new detectors to explore multiple open topics in the field of particle physics.In this talk, we will first explore the proposed solutions to address the limitations imposed by ionizing radiation on superconducting qubits performances and then venture on the possible applications of superconducting qubits in particle physics experiments.