Theory Seminar

Mixed QCD-EW two-loop amplitudes for Drell-Yan production

by Narayan Rana (National Institute of Science Education and Research, Jatni, India)

A.2.25/27 - Atlas (New)

A.2.25/27 - Atlas


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In this talk, we focus on the computation of the mixed QCD-EW two-loop virtual corrections for the neutral current and charged current (CC) Drell-Yan production. The presence of one additional mass in the CC case makes the computation of the amplitudes extremely challenging, especially the two-loop Feynman integrals. Our approach to evaluate the relevant two-loop Feynman integrals using a semi-analytical method, allows us to obtain the renormalized two-loop amplitudes. We perform the subtraction of the universal infrared singularities mostly analytically and present the numerical evaluation of the hard function as a grid.