Theory Seminar

SL(2|4) light-cone Hamiltonian and form factor POPE

by Alexander Tumanov

Wednesday, 5 June 2019 from to (Europe/Berlin)
at MPI Meeting rooms ( 313 )
We claim that the form factors of the primary operators of the stress tensor multiplet of N=4 SYM can be computed at finite coupling as an expansion around the collinear limit. These form factors admit a dual space interpretation in terms of infinite periodic Wilson lines. This allows us to apply the POPE (pentagon OPE) approach to these objects. One of the leading contributions to the expansion comes from the OPE state of two particles in a singlet of the R-symmetry group. At Born level, the wave functions of these states are determined by diagonalizing the full SL(2|4) light-cone Hamiltonian. It can then be used to determine the form factor transition at weak coupling, as well as to rederive certain known quantities (like the singlet state S-matrix).