Astroparticle Physics Seminar

Internal Seminar: Supernova Neutrinos

by Basudeb Dasgupta (MPI) , Tina Lund (Aarhus University)

313 (Seminar room)


Seminar room

MPI für Physik
Stars with mass larger than 8-10 solar-mass often end their life in a spectacular explosion. Much of the dynamics of the explosion mechanism is not understood. However, it is generally believed that neutrinos play an important role in ensuring a successful explosion. Conversely, the flavor evolution of the neutrinos is strongly influenced by the stellar environment. In the first part of today's session, we will be an overview of the physics potential of a supernova neutrino signal [Basu]. The later part of the session will focus on neutrino signatures of supernova explosion dynamics [Tina].