Muon electronics meeting

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Vidyo-only meeting


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* Trigger
  - Command module demonstrator: Progess in testing at Prodesign.
    Zynq FPGA is booting with the processing logic, i.e. we can use the
    ARM core.
    15 Gbit Fyerflies of the Zynq FPGA is working, more detailed tests on the
    bit error rate are ongoing.
  - One CM module prototype will be ready for delivery next week.
  - Markus is preparing the CM and CM+SM tests at MPI. SM at MPI and ready
    to be brought up by Dan Gastler from remote.
  - Markus is preparing a document about the operation of the modules and what
    has to be tested after delivery by Prodesign.

* ASD design in 65 nm technology
  - DA1: stage after the preamplifier which was presented in the previous
         meeting; providing extra gain (DA2 and DA3 are the shaping stages).
  - DA1: old design similar to the old design of the preamplifier, so
         the same problems as in the preamplifier are present.
  - New design: DA1 needs no high gain, cascode structure can be removed like
                in the preamplifier.
  - Proposal to combine the DA1 stage with a shaping stage. (A similar proposal
    was also made by our colleagues from Milano.)

* Hedgehog cards
  - Check if the PCBs are halogene free.
  - Ask Ronald to call Otmar to go through the part list 28914098.
  - Speed up preparation of the documentation for the tendering.

* Mezzanine cards
  - Check radiations levels in the big wheel and BIS-78 region.
  - Use the present LDO and look for an alternative for the BIS-78 region.
  - TDCs will probably be late for the mezzanine card production so that there
    is a conflict with the BMBF funding profile.

* TDCv2 tests
  - On-chamber test will be performed by Oliver and Gregor next week.

* FTFE status
  - FTFE tester board ready.
  - Updates by Milano tomorrow at 16:00.

* ASD-6 production and tests
  - ASD-6 production: all signatures there, waiting for confirmation by GF 
    that the order has been received. Delivery expected for September.
  - 1500 preproduction chips will be tested by the end of the next week.
  - Labels for 100000 chips have been received this week. Remaining ~5000
    preproduction chips will be labelled by the Hertrich group within the
    next two weeks.
  - Test of ASD chips should look at the LVDS output amplitude.

* Next meeting: 16.07. 9 am

There are minutes attached to this event. Show them.
    • 09:00 09:20
      Trigger 20m
      Speakers: Davide Cieri (Max Planck for Physics), Markus Fras (Max Planck for Physics)
    • 09:20 09:35
      Progress of ASD design in 65nm technology 15m
      Speaker: Yazhou Zhao (Max-Planck Institute for Physics)
    • 09:35 09:50
      Mezzanine status, tender for sMDT hedgehog cards 15m
      Speakers: Oliver Kortner (Max Planck for Physics), Oliver Kortner (MPI fuer Physik), Ronald Maier (Max Planck for Physics)
    • 09:50 10:05
      TDCv2 tests 15m
      Speaker: Markus Fras (Max Planck for Physics)
    • 10:05 10:20
      FTFE status 15m
      Speakers: Robert Richter (MPI Physik), Robert Richter (Max Planck for Physics)
    • 10:20 10:35
      ASD production, ASD test results 15m
      Speakers: Markus Fras (Max Planck for Physics), Oliver Kortner (MPI fuer Physik), Oliver Kortner (Max Planck for Physics), Robert Richter (Max Planck for Physics), Sergey Abovyan (Max Planck for Physics), Valderanis Chrysostomos (LMU Munich)
    • 10:35 10:50
      A.O.B. 15m