MPP Colloquium

The Weakly Interacting Universe

by Joachim Kopp (Uni Mainz)

A.1.01/03 - Alps (New)

A.1.01/03 - Alps


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Many of the most fascinating phenomena in the Universe are governed by the weakest forces of nature: gravity, Standard Model weak interactions, and possibly even more exotic forces related to a "dark sector". In this colloquium, we will discuss two aspects of the weakly interacting Universe. We will first focus on gravitational waves at frequencies above a kHz, highlighting various possible sources both within the Standard Model and beyond, and introducing exciting detection concepts at the interface of astroparticle physics and quantum technology. The second part of the talk will be devoted to current and future opportunities in neutrino physics, in particular to novel astrophysical sources of low-energy neutrinos, and to the rich physics opportunities at the near detectors of future long-baseline experiments.