MPP Colloquium

Selected highlights and prospects from the LHCb experiment

by Dr Monica Pepe-Altarelli (CERN)

Main/0-174 - Auditorium (Main)

Main/0-174 - Auditorium


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Heavy flavour hadrons are a precision tool to study both strong and electroweak interactions and also open a window on physics beyond the Standard Model. All studies require very large samples of reconstructed B- or D-type mesons and a precision spectrometer to reduce background. The LHCb experiment at the LHC is leading the field of heavy flavour physics thanks to its excellent instrumentation and the large production rates for heavy flavour mesons at LHC energies. I will present selected new results mostly focusing on electroweak processes and demonstrate how precision measurements give access to unexplored mass scales for new physics. I will also provide examples of key instrumentation that makes LHCb a unique experiment worldwide.