MPP Colloquium

Multi-messenger observations on Milky Way Galaxy in the 100 TeV energy domain

by Prof. Dmitri Semikoz (APC Paris)


Gamma-ray telescopes Tibet ASgamma, HAWC and LHASSO discovered number of PeVatron sources in the 100 TeV energy range. Moreover, Tibet ASgamma and LHASSO see diffuse emission from cosmic rays in the Galaxy in this energy range. Finally, recently it was found evidence of excess in the IceCube data in 20 degrees around Galactic plane at the same energies. 

In this talk I’ll review status of experimental data and discuss how we can use it to 
learn about cosmic rays in our Galaxy at multi-PeV energies. I’ll present anisotropic cosmic ray diffusion model at PeV energies and show how this model can explain existing data. Also I’ll show how future data of LHAASO, SWGO and CTA experiments together with km3 and IceCube neutrino telescopes will help to resolve 100 year old puzzle of cosmic ray sources.