MPP Colloquium

Particle physics progress through precision and innovation

by Lesya Shchutska (EPFL)

A.1.01/03 - Alps (New)

A.1.01/03 - Alps


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Particle physics nowadays finds itself in a remarkable state: it is the first time after the century of intense model-building and discoveries that it has a fully self-consistent description, called Standard Model (SM), which is able to explain all the measurements carried out in the lab. At the same time, we are unable to answer a century-old question about the nature of dark matter or explain the very existence of the universe, almost fully built up with the matter rather than antimatter. But with the SM being complete, we do not have a guidance towards the energy scale or interaction strength which we should target with our further study of the Nature. This brings us back to a state where we should cast a broad exploration strategy to find the limitations of the SM or unexpected signatures of new particles. These two approaches, precision measurements of rare processes in particle physics combined with corresponding theory predictions, as well as searches for new, very feebly interacting, particles, allow to make a significant leap forward in particle physics thanks to already operating or planned facilities. I will discuss a complementarity arising from the full exploitation of these two venues, and their potential to uncover new phenomena in the near future.