MPP Colloquium

Deciphering the Universe: Cryogenic Detectors for Neutrino and Dark Matter Searches

by Luca Pattavina (UNIMIB)

A.1.01/03 - Alps (New)

A.1.01/03 - Alps


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In the continuous pursuit to understand the fundamental components of the universe, the study of dark matter and neutrinos remains a cornerstone of modern astro-/particle physics. This presentation explores cutting-edge research and experimental techniques that aim to detect and understand these elusive entities through a unified approach in astroparticle physics. At the forefront of this effort are advanced cryogenic detection technologies, employed across three interconnected experiments—CUORE, CRESST, and RES-NOVA. Each of these initiatives focuses on distinct aspects of dark matter and neutrino interactions, pushing the frontiers of experimental techniques. Together, these experiments not only demonstrate the versatility and sensitivity of cryogenic detectors but also integrate their findings to address fundamental questions in astroparticle and particle physics, thereby leading and shaping this active field of research