MPP Colloquium

Probing Neutrinos and Dark Matter Interactions

by Reina Maruyama (Yale)

A.2.25/27 - Atlas (New)

A.2.25/27 - Atlas


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The Standard Model of Particle Physics has been remarkably successful in describing the behavior of subatomic particles and their interactions. However, several key mysteries persist. Understanding the origin and nature of neutrino masses, the identity of dark matter, and their interactions with ordinary matter remain one of the most significant unanswered questions in physics. In this talk, I will describe the experimental program my group and I are carrying out. In particular, I will describe the current effort in the search for neutrinoless double beta decay with CUORE and CUPID, a test of DAMA’s assertion for detection of dark matter with the COSINE-100 experiment, and axion search with HAYSTAC, ALPHA, and RAY.