4-9 October 2015
Europe/Berlin timezone

The International Symposia on Multiparticle Dynamics (ISMD) are a series of major international high-energy physics conferences for theorists and experimentalists from three different but related communities (high energy, heavy ion and astroparticle physics), with a common interest in reactions involving a large number of particles in the final state.

The XLV International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics ISMD 2015 will be held in Wildbad Kreuth (Germany) and is organized by MPP. It will consist of experimental and theoretical plenary talks spread over 5 days. The goal is to provide a pleasant and stimulating environment for presentation and discussion of recent experimental results as well as new developments in theory. Attendance is limited to about 100 participants.
How to reach the organizers:

For any questions please send e-mail to ISMD2015@mppmu.mpg.de

Beware of fake phone calls in the name of ISMD:

Recently the IT security for the Max-Planck-Society warned for fake phone calls in connection with scientific conferences. The caller claims to be associated to the conference organization and seeks to gain acces to personal details such as credit card numbers etc.
Please do not answer to such questions! The registration process for ISMD2015 is entirely done via indico and the faxable pdf-form attached to this agenda in case you want to pay the conference fee via credit card. In case of doubt please e-mail the organizers!