IMPRS Colloquium

Main/0-174 - Auditorium (Main)

Main/0-174 - Auditorium


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    • 1
      Effective field theory for quantum fields in de Sitter space
      Speaker: Andrea Federico Sanfilippo
    • 2
      Multi-wavelength properties of M87
      Speaker: Alexander Hahn
    • 12:00 PM
      Lunch Break
    • 3
      How to Make a Swampland Conjecture
      Speaker: Aleksandar Gligovic
    • 4
      Introduction to the Swampland and the String Landscape
      Speaker: Joaquin Aurelio Masias Teves
    • 2:00 PM
      Feedback Break
    • 5
      Dark Matter Axion Search at CAPP

      The CAPP team is taking data with a sensitivity allowing to detect axions with mass of a few µeVin case they explain the dark matter problem.
      HeeSu Byun will report on the status of the cavity axion dark matter search with DFSZ sensitivity at CAPP.

      Speaker: Dr HeeSu Byun (CAPP, South Korea)