IMPRS Recruiting Workshop

    • 10:00 10:20
      Compton scanner measurements on segmented Germanium detectors 20m
      Speaker: Felix Hagemann
    • 10:20 10:40
      Halo-independent interpretation of dark matter searches with CRESST 20m
      Speaker: Gonzalo Herrera Moreno
    • 10:40 11:00
      Event kinematic reconstruction studies on diffractive processes at EIC 20m
      Speaker: Athira Kunnath Vijayakumar
    • 11:00 11:20
      Measurement of forward-backward asymmetry of Drell-Yan muon pairs for Run II period of data taking at the CMS experiments 20m
      Speaker: Tatiana Nechaeva
    • 11:20 11:40
      Constraints on Physics Beyond the Standard Model using the LHC - Axion Like Particles 20m
      Speaker: Mohammad Hassan Qureshi
    • 11:40 13:00
      Lunch Break 1h 20m
    • 13:00 13:20
      Superstring Scattering from D-Branes in the Pure Spinor Formalism 20m
      Speaker: Andreas Bischof
    • 13:20 13:40
      Early Universe Resonances: Preheating of Light Bosons and Heavy Fermions 20m
      Speaker: Ana Fernandes Alexandre
    • 13:40 14:00
      Probing Ultra-light Axions with Galaxy Cluster Counts 20m
      Speaker: Johannes Diehl
    • 14:00 14:20
      Chiral Perturbation Theory at Finite Isospin 20m
      Speaker: Martin Aria Mojahed
    • 14:20 14:40
      Vector-Boson Scattering - Impact of a concrete new-physics model versus its EFT realization 20m
      Speaker: Jannis Lang
    • 14:40 15:00
      Introduction to the IMPRS EPP 20m
      Speaker: Frank Steffen