Nov 21 – 22, 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Program



-The case for axions- motivation
- Axion scenarios: pre inflation, post inflation
- Decay of strings and domain walls: uncertainties on DM axion mass region
- Axion clustering: Influence on the signal rate
- Dielectric haloscope: the basic concept
- Open issues


- Axion search landscape, complementarity of MadMax with other existing projects

- What has been done so far:
  * The Cluster seed project: Hardware
  * Resonator response (transmission and reflection behavior)
  * The receiver 10GHz-40GHz and DAQ: First measurements of fake axion and noise
  * Disc tiling
  * Magnet design Saclay
  * Magnet design Berkeley
- Cryogenic issues: Interfaces resonator,receiver, magnet?
- Algorithm to place discs
- Sensitivity estimation
- Optimal running plan

What needs to be done:

- Project planning: work packages, interfaces, time schedules
- Magnet: design study and innovative partnership
- Concepts for resonator
- Concepts for tiling
- concept for detectors
- antennas and mirrors
- Algorithm to place discs

Collaboration forming:

- Interest of institutes, possible committment, facilities, man power, budget
- Site considerations, candidates
- Name of the project