4-7 September 2012
Max Planck Institute for Physics
Europe/Berlin timezone
Particle Physics just entered the exciting phase where we can study the properties of a new discovery. To this aim, and for direct and indirect searches of New Physics, predictions beyond the leading order in perturbation theory are required. The series of Workshops "High Precision for Hard Processes" (HP2) was started to discuss advances in the field of QCD and EW radiative corrections to both SM and BSM processes at hadron colliders. The first workshop of the series was held in Zurich in 2006, and it was followed by a second workshop in Buenos Aires in 2008. The third workshop took place in Florence in 2010. Participation at the fourth HP2 workshop in Munich is by invitation only. At HP2^4 in Munich we plan to discuss: * Status reports and implications of current experimental results * Phenomenological results on hard-scattering cross sections at high perturbative orders * Automated methods to compute multi-leg amplitudes at tree and loop level * Matching Monte Carlo event generators with fixed order calculations * Radiative corrections in Beyond the Standard Model physics phenomenology
Max Planck Institute for Physics
Foehringer Ring 6 80805 Munich