Workshop on Tools for High Precision LHC Simulations

Castle Ringberg

Castle Ringberg

Schloßstraße 20, 83700 Kreuth

Organisers: Stefan Dittmaier, Fabio Maltoni, Pier Francesco Monni, Marius Wiesemann & Giulia Zanderighi

We are organizing a smaller workshop with ~45 participants in 2022 (31.10-04.11) at Ringberg Castle next to the Tegernsee (close to Munich). The topics will be closely related to precision physics for the LHC with particular emphasis on improving various aspects of Monte Carlo simulations and the matching to fixed order calculations (including e.g. the combination of QCD and EW corrections in matched partons showers, the inclusion of SMEFT effects in Monte Carlo simulations, PDFs, etc.). 

The agenda of this meeting is empty